5 Things To Do In Denmark

Many people know it as simply Denmark, but this is actually the Kingdom of Denmark thanks to the Royal Family that has resided here for centuries and made this a sovereign state. As a result, palaces and castles feature heavily on the landscape, and if you are a history buff then there is a huge amount to enjoy.

Arguably a number of the best attractions in Denmark however happen out of doors, as this country is home to some of the most stunning natural sights on earth, such as floating sand dunes that change location every year and majestic cliffs that bring with them 65 million years worth of history. As if that wasn’t enough, you can explore some of the islands off the main coast of the country, where you will find vast pine forests, wild horses, and relaxing seals. Depending on your interests, you can take a trip back in time to learn all about the Viking roots of the smallest country in Nordic region, or fast forward into the future at some of the most cutting edge museums in the world such as the Maritime Museum or the AroS Art Museum.

Lets explore the best things to do in Denmark:

1.Visit Egeskov Castle in Funen

Egeskov is one of the most beautiful and famous buildings in Europe and is built in the Renaissance style.

Points of interest to look out for if you come here include the mighty Knights’ Hall as well as elegant spires and a working moat.

The area around the castle is as famous as the interior and you will find a large forest dotted with local buildings and trails.

There is also a Segway course here if you feel like something a little more relaxing.

2.Build a tower at Legoland in Billund

This is a great pick if you are travelling with children as you get to experience all the fun of playing with Lego on a massive scale.

At Legoland in Billund you will get to see 25 acres of Lego themed parks that include an astonishing 40 million blocks of Lego.

There are reconstructions of famous monuments both from Denmark and around the world here as well as rides and themed areas like Pirateland, Castleland, and Duplo land.

3.Explore the ancient fortress of Kastellet

Sitting on the edge of Copenhagen is Kastellet which is a fortress that mirrors the shape of a star.

There are bastions at each of the five points of the star and this would have been a section of the main ramparts that encircled and protected Copenhagen.

The area dates from 1660 when it was commissioned by King Christian IV who was fearful of Denmark being attacked from the sea.

You will also find a windmill, a church, and a park located within the citadel.

4.Tour Amalienborg Palace

Amalienborg Palace is actually not one but four palaces that were constructed for the four noble families of Denmark.

The palace was actually a replacement for the previous Christiansborg Palace which was razed to the ground in a fire in 1794 and features beautiful octagon shaped courtyards, ornate inner rooms, and blooming gardens in the spring months.

Make sure to also look out for the Soldiers of the Royal Guard who protect the palace and wear signature bearskins.

5.Take a ferry to Bornholm Island

The island of Bornholm sits in the Baltic Sea and is known as the ‘Pearl of the Baltic’. It is known for having gorgeous pristine beaches and the island is bisected with bicycle paths so that you can get easily get around by cycling.

The buildings here date from the 1800s and you can get here by taking a picturesque ferry ride.