Badrutt’s Palace Hotel and Spa

Located on the southern side of the Swiss alps in a sun-drenched corner of the Engadine, St. Moritz has enjoyed a one-hundred-year reputation as a favorite of the jet set, sports enthusiasts, royalty, and spa lovers. Deserving of its reputation as a gathering place for international movers and shakers, this is the nerve center of traditional Swiss hospitality.

Breathtaking views, crisp alpine air, and a strong tradition of healing waters have made this chic ski resort a coveted word among those who expect the best and can easily afford the cost. Surrounded by twenty-five crystal-clear mountain lakes, majestic glaciers, and deep forests, there are an abundance of outdoor activities available when you stay at Badrutt’s Palace, managed since 1999 by the Texas-based Rosewood Hotels & Resorts. The signature tower of this venerable hotel village, with its wooden balconies, stonework, and four-sided green roof, marks its position in the heart of St. Moritz. Gothic arches and hand-carved hardwoods attest to the long history of this landmark hotel, officially opened in 1896.At an altitude of 6,000 feet, tourism officials call St. Moritz the “Top of the World.”

Two facilities offering services and activities opened in 2002: Caroli Health Club, named for the Italian judo champion Angelo Caroli (whose motto is “a healthy mind and a healthy body stimulate one another with positive energy”), is where guests check in for their workouts. Daniela Steiner’s Beauty Spa is where guests go for all skin-care and body treatments. Enhanced by candlelight and soft music, beauty specialists and body therapists staff ten treatment rooms called care suites. On the spa menu are partial aroma wraps with body massage, classical and luxury facials and the epitome of luxury bathing—the Cleopatra bath. It’s taken in a tub filled to the brim with warm water, milk, honey, and almonds. The spa specializes in beauty treatments for the entire body, using products formulated from the essence of rare botanicals-all laboratory tested for cleansing, healing, and age-defying properties.

Setting this spa apart from others is the Royal Basic Treatment, which can be as short as one day or as long as week. The three-part treatment starts with a personal evaluation and a two-hour First Total Cleansing, which includes a head-to-toe massage and total body exfoliation. Other treatments include an invigorating massage with cypress essences, a crystal bath, a purifying facial mask, and a nourishing hair mask.

Even a regular full-body massage is exquisite. You lay on a heated table in an intimate room filled with indirect lighting. Vapors from a bowl of distilled water infused with drops of neroli oil, lavender oil, and herbs and set below the table help you breathe and relax.

On a strictly personalized basis, a custom-designed wellness program including nutrition and exercise guidelines will leave you feeling on top of the world. Although the Palace has a wealth of spa opportunities and activities, it does not offer a structured program with a rigid schedule. Historically, people flocked to St. Moritz for the two- to three-week “cure,” a combination of mineral baths, mud baths, drinking the water, alpine walks, and socializing. Today’s cure evolved from traditional roots, and it showcases well at the Palace. Everything revolves around guests, and service is as smooth as the snow-capped mountains you see from your guest room.