With one foot planted in the Central American jungles and the other dipped in the Caribbean Sea, Belize combines the best of both worlds.

Sitting smack dab between Spanish-speaking Central America and the Caribbean (geographically and culturally), Central America’s youngest nation definitely dances to its own beat. Belize’s 240 miles of coast-line and uncountable islands offer amazing swimming and beachcombing, and its barrier reef (the northern hemisphere’s largest) is a diver’s paradise. Belize’s jungles are dotted with ancient structures built in the days when Belize was but a small part of the greater Maya kingdom, offering much for the intrepid to explore. Culturally, Belize is surprisingly diverse. Though officially an English-speaking nation, expect to hear Spanish, Kriol, Garifuna and Maya, with perhaps a bit of Cantonese and Mennonite German thrown in for good measure.

Though among the pricier destinations in Central America, for cuisine, diversity and culture, Belize still offers more than enough bang for your buck to make it worth the trip. So what’s not to love?

Belize’s Top Experiences

Kayaking Glover's Reef Atoll Lying like a string of white-sand pearls, Glover’s Reef Atoll consists of half a dozen small islands surrounded by blue sea as far as the eye can see. Its unique position,...