De-stress at La Chaldette

The healing and calming effects of the Aubrac’s thermal springs have been enjoyed since the Middle Ages. Located almost 4,265 feet (1,300 rn) above sea level in central southern France, La Chaldette is a state-of-the-art health resort in the tranquil village of Brion. The modernist architect Jean-Michel Wilmotte has installed stylish floor-to-ceiling windows to allow mood-enhancing sunlight inside, and a minimalist streamlined interior to clear the mind of clutter.

Stressed-out urbanites can surrender to a rainwater shower massage or a hydromassage bath with flowers and oils, then languish on an outdoor recliner, serenaded by cicadas, an occasional cow horn, and soothing springwater trickling under foot. The hotel’s convivial owners have combined rustic charm with contemporary chic in their apartment-styled rooms, built around a central staircase.

The chef’s cuisine de terroir (a modern twist on locally sourced, traditional cuisine) includes gourmet plates of duck a I’orange and creme brulee with blueberries. Gastronomy coupled with a glass of the local Coteaux du Languedoc in the wood-fired lounge and a restful sleep swathed in crisp white cotton works wonders on the mind and body, whereas the fresh, pure air, views of unending green valleys, and cascading water restore a sense of inner peace.