Elemis SPA at The Aladdin Hotel:Fantalizing Essence of The Desert

Morocco meets Las Vegas at the heart-stopping 32,000-square-foot Elemis Spa at the Aladdin Hotel. Call it a sensory haven, a magical temple, or just one of the most exquisite spas in Las Vegas. What wondrous sights lie behind the exotic facade of this megahotel designed by Stephen John Ltd., a British firm whose credits include Crystal Cruises, Norwegian Cruise Lines, and P & О Princess Cruises. Attention to detail at this opulent spa is to be credited to John 0. Picken, who handpicked many of the Moroccan antiques displayed throughout this luxurious hideaway. You leave the Las Vegas glitz behind as you cross over the threshold, where traditional fragrant herbal tea is served. It’s the spa therapy menu that sets this spa apart from all others in Las Vegas, which has more megaspas per square foot than any other stretch of real estate in North America.

The objective of the spa is to “seduce the six senses,” starting with sound (the music is ethereal, the tinkling fountains enchanting), smell (Elemis aromatherapy products are used in treatments and sold in the boutique), taste (fresh fruit and cool tea are served in the lounge area), touch (experienced therapists for body, hand, foot, and chakra-balancing massages), and most of all, sight, as you view the magnificent works of Moroccan art displayed throughout. Treatments are enhanced by Elemis products, which are noted for their range of medicinal and active therapeutic plant extracts. These are best exemplified in five facials that focus on protection, cleansing, and oxygenating the skin. Specialized treatments include the Japanese Silk Eye Zone Therapy, designed to minimize that look of bags under the eyes, and the Hawaiian Wave Four-Hand Massage, with two thera-pists working simultaneously to create “a mystical experience of the sublime.”

Spa guests may lose their way in the maze of treatment rooms—there are twenty-nine—relaxation areas, and therapy pools. But getting lost in this Moroccan paradise is more delightful than daunting, as every turn reveals the fascinating world of spa life in an exotic cul-ture that’s been transplanted to Las Vegas. Just imagine finding yourself in a softly lit inner sanctum soaking in a pool of water infused with essential oils, strewn with rose petals, and surrounded by candles of various heights. What you’ll find here is a tranquil haven that makes you forget that the cacophony of nonstop gam-bling is just footsteps away.