Enjoy Musha Cay

Owned by world-famous illusionist David Copperfield, who purchased it at a cost of $50 million, Musha Cay is 150 acres (60 ha) of pampered seclusion, regarded by the chosen few who have stayed here as one of the world’s most sought-after hideaways.

Opening its doors for the first time in 2001, this sliver of palm trees and powderlike beaches is surrounded by turquoise waters that are off-limits to outsiders: Copperfield bought the islands surrounding Musha Cay to ensure they remain uninhabited. This is privacy on an unheard-of scale. Beaches that have barely been walked on ring the island, and an adjoining sandbar, exposed briefly each day, permits an exhilarating 2-mile (3-km) stroll into the ocean to Musha Cay’s nearest neighbor. There are five guesthouses, all in traditional English Tudor-style, including a grand manor house, each with their own private beach and attended by a year-round staff of thirty.

You will not find any dinner menus here. Instead, the island’s internationally trained chef cooks freshly caught seafood each day according to the individual requirements and tastes of his guests.

Island activities center on The Landings, a group of buildings overlooking the island’s dock and including a glassed-in dining room, an open-air thatched roof pavilion, a swimming pool, and even a library. Water sports include deep-sea fishing, sailing, and scuba diving. From tented dining on your own beach to sitting spellbound beneath an evening fireworks display, with Musha Cay it would seem that the master illusionist has created heaven on earth.