Explore the Faroe Islands

Faroe IslandsThe Faroe Islands are a daunting panorama of jagged volcanic mountains, immense sheer-sided cliffs, long dark fjords, and bleak windswept moorland. North Atlantic waves crash against black rock pillars standing alone in the sea, and basalt peaks loom through dark, clouds. It looks like a scene from The Lord of the Rings.

The eighteen Faroe Islands are a self-governing part of Denmark, located between Scotland and Iceland. They offer one of the most authentic escapes available anywhere in Europe. Although much of the land is dramatically steep and wild, cut by deep fjords, the capital, Torshavn, is surprisingly cosmopolitan and there are good galleries, museums, restaurants, and bars. The hotels are products of the 1970s, with lots of mirrors and an enthusiastic use of the color orange. Stay in a bed-and-breakfast or rent a traditional wooden house with the old, dark wooden upper floor, balcony, and living grass-covered roof.

Relax and enjoy the unspoiled green countryside with stunning seascapes around every corner and the freshest air in Europe. The maritime climate means it is rarely freezing, but changeable between wet and misty, clear and sunny. Take a memorable trip by boat or subsidized inter-island helicopter to gaze at cliffs and rocks overflowing with seabirds. Whales are common offshore—and on restaurant menus.