Herods Vitalis Spa

Inspired by legendary kingdoms, Herods Sheraton Resort Eilat rises on the shore of the Red Sea like a vertical village. This complex consists of the family-oriented Palace, where Middle Eastern traditions meet high-tech fun and games, and the Vitalis tower, which shelters a self-contained spa with lifestyle programs.

The magnificent Vitalis spa is a total experience. Everything is geared toward your physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. From the time you awaken in your luxury spa guest room or suite till the end of your day, there is a sense of timelessness. Set against a panorama of sea and mountains, the desert climate engulfs you in a relaxing, tension-free experience.

Getting away from it all doesn’t mean you can’t have fun. The namesake of this vast resort, King Herod, was a Roman ruler of Judaea who enjoyed taking the waters and having nightly orgies. Managed by Sheraton, this is a family resort for Israelis who can burst into a hora at the drop of a matzo ball. Activities range from water sports to theme restaurants. So you can enjoy the Vitalis spa, then dip into the action at the Palace pool.

Herods Vitalis is an adults-only stand-alone tower with sixty-four rooms and three floors of spa facilities devoted to making you look and feel your best. Indoor and outdoor treatment rooms take advantage of the seafront location, offering the most extensive selection of bodywork, skin care, and hydrotherapy in the Middle East. Waterview weight training in an air-conditioned gym, and both indoor and outdoor exercise pools and aerobics studios, keep fitness buffs busy. Special emphasis on exercise in the pools includes body toning and aqua stretch classes. Relax in a thermal mineral salt pool, hydromassage pool, or under cascading waterfalls.

Dining on the outdoor terraces at Vitalis is another perk for spa guests. There is a special daily menu for your personal nutrition program, as well as gourmet spa cuisine. Many activities are held in small groups, enabling single persons and couples to make new friends. Structured programs (three, five, or seven days) called Lifemasters are all about learning to stay well. Participants share the excitement and fun of exercise and recreation. A personal focus can be included, such as weight reduction, body toning, sports training, or relaxation. Each program includes face and body treatments, fitness classes, workshops, lectures, and meditation. Eastern philosophies mix with the latest in stress management techniques to help you manage a personal program of well-being.

Located on the shores of the Red Sea, the southernmost point of Israel, Vitalis offers guided walks and excursions for a variety of fitness levels. Borrow a mountain bike to enjoy cycling trails through the wild desert landscape or sunrise in the mountain nature reserve. Kayaking in the sea strengthens muscles of the upper body as you explore this fabled part of the ancient world.