Lake Nakuru National Park

Few words can accurately describe the awe-inspiring vision of a seemingly endless pink blanket of feathers laying at your feet. This is the astonishing beauty that greets you at Lake Nakuru National Park.

Designated a bird sanctuary in 1960 and established as a national park in June 1968, Lake Nakuru National Park was created for the protection of its huge flocks of greater and lesser flamingoes. Tens of thousands of these flamingoes descend upon the shores of this shallow alkaline lake, which is also known as a soda like.

Located 157 km (98 mi) from Nairobi, at an elevation of 1,200-1.800 m (4,000-6,000 ft) above sea level, the park covers 188 sq km (117 sq mi) of land and encompasses a range of superb habitats for wildlife – from the lake itself to, bush, grassland, steep bare ridges and woodland.

The park is an important site for both white and black rhinos, brought back from from the brink through a successful breeding effort after poaching had nearly destroyed the populations here. Around the lake zebras and Bohor’s reedbuck can be seen, while clawless otters and hippos can be found in the lake itself or on its shores and klipspringers and rock hyraxes live on the steep cliffs. Other wildlife highlights include grazing animals such as buffaloes, Rothschild’s giraffes, eland, impala, Chandler’s reedbuck and steinbok as well as the lions and leopards that prey on them.