Las Vegas, the City of all Temptations

Las-Vegas Las Vegas is an American city built in the desert. If modernity and luxury are quickly forget this aspect, the heat that prevails will soon remind you. Las Vegas is surrounded by rocky plains and arid mountains offering of sight, an extraordinary landscape that is in contrast with the ultra modern city center and lively. So visit Las Vegas for two reasons: the overlooked artificial lakes surrounding natural landscape and infrastructure architectures and marking the era of modernism and technology.

Attractions in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is the city par excellence ‘livers. ” She is very lively, especially at night with an extraordinary spectacle of light sets that feature its buildings, shops, hotels, bars, restless nightclubs, casinos and others. Speaking casino, note that Las Vegas is the city of choice for lovers of games. It is world famous for its casinos that host the most prestigious competitions in various games including poker. Las Vegas is also a romantic side with a myriad of “wedding chapels” (wedding chapels) hosting every year hundreds of thousands of lovers who are exceptionally in the city to celebrate their marriage and spend their honeymoon.

The number of sites to be visited are the perfect replicas in mind: Egyptian Sphinx with pyramid behind just who are all in place of Luxor, the Paris Eiffel Tower and finally the statue of liberty in New York . You can also visit some beautiful museums and galleries, the imperial palace with its collection of over 200 cars without forgetting the Guinness records museum.

When visiting Las Vegas?

Given the summer heat and chilly winter, the best time to visit Las Vegas are spring and fall. During the day, temperatures are around 37 ° C from June to September and fall to 13 ° C average from December to January. The rest of the year, they are tempered. If it rains very little, frequent summer storms (June to August) sometimes cause flash floods.