Mauritius Island, pearl of the Indian Ocean

Located  in  the  heart  of  the  Mascareignes archipelago in the Indian Ocean, the island of Mauritius is surrounded by blue lagoons and a  magnificent  barrier  reef  that  extends  for 330km along the coast. Only a mere 200km away  from  its  sister  island  of  Reunion, Mauritius is characterised by its sandy, pristine beaches  bordered  by  magnificent  turquoise lagoons. The island benefits from a tropical climate that is ideal for a mild season in winter (17 to 24 degrees) and for warm temperatures in the summer season (29 to 33 degrees).
The  Domaine  des  Alizées  Club  &  Spa  is  a hotel type residence which offers for sale a total of  90  apartments,  comprising  two  or  three bedrooms  and  of  a  very  high  quality.  The property is on an extraordinary site offering quite a number of services ranging from a lounge club with its feted atmosphere, to the magnificent
tropical spa which includes a restaurant beside the water flanked by small kiosks. The whole concept  of  the  place  is  to  entice  visitors  and residents to spend an unforgettable time here.This can either be relaxing within the carefully conceived apartments or in the shade of coconut palms  around  one  of  the  numerous  water sources scattered in the garden.
Superior service
The residence will be run like any prestigious hotel offering a level of incomparable service which will benefit the permanent residents as well  as  the  visitors  occupying  the  rented apartments. Indeed, Evaco Holiday Resorts, a filial  of  the  Evaco  group,  will  be  given  the responsibility to look after the rental management of  a  certain  amount  of  apartments.  This  will assure  their  owners  of  substantial  rental income  during  the  periods  that  they  are  not themselves occupying the premises.
The  Domaine  des  Alizées  Club  &  Spa  is located 10 minutes away from the centre of Grand Baie, the most well renowned seaside village of the island, and five minutes from the beach. Grand Baie has a wide variety of cafes, restaurants, bars and boutiques as well as a supermarket which sells a selection of imported products, mainly from Europe and South Africa.