Mii-Amo: A Spa Journey With Native American Spirit

Opened in January 2001, this stunning 24,000-square-foot spa housed in a two-level building with twenty-four treatment rooms captures the spirit of Sedona’s Boynton Canyon in more ways than one. Sedona has been called a “New Age Mecca,” and justifiably so with the opening of this charismatic spa. Generations of Hopi and Apache found the rock cliffs in the area sacred because of their healing power. Today’s spa seekers choose to stay here because they seek a life-enhancing experience. There does seem to be a mystical aspect to this extraordinary location.

Mii’ Amo is in a secluded location on the property of the Enchantment Resort, and spa guests stay in one of sixteen comfortable casitas adjacent to the “organic” spa structure. The design is an authentic reflection of Native American pueblos and is a first for an American destination spa. Glowing reviews of Mii’Amo in magazines ranging from Arizona Food & Lifestyles to Departures emphasize the architecture as well as the treatments, which offer a fascinating escape from reality.

The Enchantment Resort has been ranked among the top one hundred resort hotels of the world. The addition of this spa, which was built to be totally separate from the main hotel, confirms the fine reputation that Enchantment has earned over the years.[ad#text]

The simple, yet energy-charged ambience of the spa is reinforced by a world-class program that covers every aspect of the wellness experience—from an 8:30 a.m. Hiking Powerstart to a ninety-minute Sedona Clay Wrap. Then there are the signature treatments, such as the Mii’ Amo Crystal Bath and the Blue Corn Body Polish and Massage, which gets down to basics and uses ground blue corn with mineral salt crystals to cleanse and purify the skin.

Waking up to a Mii’ Amo morning, surrounded by the subtle red rocks of Boyton Canyon, is a natural energizer. The spa restaurant, with indoor-outdoor seating, specializes in contemporary, eclectic spa cui-sine—a nutritious range of fresh fruits and vegetables prepared with a flourish of color and fresh herbs, but barely any fat. Yet a glass of wine is per-missible. The food philosophy here is simple: “Have it, metabolize it, and move on!”
The spa is organized for contemplation and reflection. The intense feeling of spiritual connection to Native American culture is nearly instant, especially at the spa’s inimitable Crystal Grotto, a place of meditation. When you feel it is time to slip away from a world of stress, techno-overload, and Palm Pilots, Mii’ Amo is the spa journey for you.