Montigo Resorts Nongsa

Montigo Resorts NongsaThis Singapore retreat’s soft opening gives guests a chance to experience the first in a series of five-star outposts from the hotel brand.

The Chinese whispers have stopped: Singapore’s new, hotly-anticipated family resort brand sent ripples of curiosity through the north-east shores of Batam Island – and now we can see what the luxe outpost has to offer.

At first glance it’s difficult not to feel satisfied by its island-style aesthetics: 88 villas (each of which has two bedrooms, with many harbouring private plunge pools) stretch across 12 hectares and each bestows spectacular sea views. in fact, even reaching the island is an experience – a 30-minute boat ride from Singapore (so you can add a city weekend to your trip) via the resort’s private yacht.

If it’s relaxation you’re after, Batenburg’s advice is to make for the resort’s standout spa (we’re told regional rituals and therapies are a speciality), while we say take advantage of the inky ocean before you: fishing trips, private cruises and water sports are all on tap. And though the resort’s beach, lawn and dining outposts make it all too easy to simply sit back and relax, active guests can try out cooking classes and golf. We can’t wait to see what more the official opening in early 2013 holds…