Relax at Knight Inlet Lodge

Tucked away in picturesque Glendale Cove, 36 miles (60 km) from the mouth of Knight Inlet and accessible only by seaplane or boat, is Knight Inlet Lodge, a floating eco-lodge anchored beneath the glacier-fed waterfalls and temperate rain forests of the Coast Range, amid the largest concentration of grizzly bears in British Columbia. The lodge’s twelve rooms are simple yet spacious and spread across a collection of buildings on the water’s edge. They date from the 1940s; most rooms have either a king- or queen-size bed and a single bed, and all have private bathrooms. Meals in the large communal dining hall are first-rate and include Dungeness crab, salmon, and prime rib.
This is the place serious bear watchers come to see grizzlies and their newborn cubs in their natural habitats. Every April, the bears descend from their mountain dens into the streams and estuaries that empty into Knight Inlet to graze on the area’s abundant berry crops and natural grasses. Viewing the bears takes different forms and varies from season to season, from standing offshore in lodge boats to venturing on land and using specially built tree stands; Knight Inlet Lodge works with hunters and the local community to restrict the practice of legal trophy hunting. The grizzly population depends on the yearly migration of Pacific salmon through the rivers, and the lodge also actively supports methods of sustaining the salmon population in the region’s rivers.
The area is home to timber wolves, sea lions, otters, and bald eagles. Whale-watching tours featuring orcas, humpbacks, and minkes complete a smorgasbord of wildlife viewing that would satisfy the palate of even the most discriminating outdoor enthusiast.