Stay at Las Ventanas Al Paraiso

A camera phone is recommended for a stay at Las Ventanas because no one back home will believe you when you reel off your “spotted” list. The air corridor from Los Angeles to Las Ventanas to Baja California’s tip is thick with rock stars, fashion designers, and ex-presidents. Although privacy goes with the territory (there is no sign outside, so taxi drivers and chauffeurs must know where it is), there is no stopping the gushing from the celebs themselves. Jennifer Lopez told Harper’s Bazaar that her favorite indulgence is “the Spa at Las Ventanas,” whereas Jessica Simpson told Rolling Stone that the infinity pool is the best in the world. Why do they come? Well, 365 days of sunshine help, but with a fleet of Porsche Boxters for rent, twenty-four-hour butlers, and a palatial pool villa, Las Ventanas deals in only one currency—la buena vida.

Xeriscaping (the art of desert landscaping) finds a natural home in this exclusive corner of Mexico, where an eighteen-hole Robert Trent Jones II golf course winds its way around the resort and up the hilly desert landscape. The cacti-studded desert tableau is offset by a series of stunning infinity pools that lick the jewel-blue Sea of Cortez, and the resort’s low-slung, whitewashed adobe villas straddle a generous swath of the Los Cabos coast. From the high-precision binoculars that thoughtfully dangle from the sea wall for use during the annual whale parade to the “hot type” unpublished novels that are made available to guests, they have thought of everything here. Romantics can even ride a white stallion for that ultimate beach proposal. Now, that is service.

Oh, and nobody really cares whether or not you have got a Lear jet parked nearby, which is just how it should be. What is good enough for Jennifer Lopez is good enough for the likes of us all.