The Stockholm Metro: a Hotbed of Artistic Interest

The Stockholm MetroThe number of places of tourist interest in Sweden is Stockholm’s subway. For art lovers, no visit to the Swedish capital would be complete without exploring this wonderful underground rivals epic beauty with places such as Moscow metro.
Built in the 1950’s, underground avant-garde is a real underground art gallery, and many works of over 150 different artists. More than 90 of its 110 stations are decorated with artistic works.

The architectural marvel of the Stockholm metro

The architecture of Stockholm subway and infrastructure are of exceptional beauty and something that anyone would plunge into the world of sci-fi. Its ripe painted ceilings resembling volcanic through its exhibitions of works of art, that arouses great underground sensation, even among lovers of art and culture.

Visit the station Stockholm

For the price of a metro ticket, go to the discovery of artworks such as sculptures, mosaics, inscriptions and paintings, but also reliefs from the 1950s to today. The Stockholm metro has 110 stations, including the T-Centralen, with its tiles and bas-reliefs of the 50s that Kungsträdgården and archaeological site with columns and other details, not to mention that of Solona Centrum which features a red ceiling cave-like.

Useful Information

Nothing at the price of a metro ticket, you can take part in a guided tour of four to five stations with the help of an experienced guide. The Stockholm Metro is a subway not only to move inside the city, but at the same time is a wonderful art exhibition.